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How to upgrade to a Professional Account?

Upgrade from QS FREE Account to Professional Account is a very simple process. You can purchase more than one Professional Accounts to get a discount. We offer different payment methods and currencies. 

  • Before upgrading to Professional Account, you need to have an active QS FREE Account.
  • If you don't have a QS FREE Account yet, click HERE to create one. It is completely free and no credit card information required.
  • If you already using QS FREE Account, you can login to Quick Sourcing QS and click "Upgrade" at the top right-hand corner of the Home page. 

  • After click into "Upgrade" account page, you can see account information as shown below. The page is divided into 3 sections. Top section showing your current account information. The middle section is where you can set your upgrade requirements such as the number of new Professional Accounts. And the 3rd section is billing and payment. 

  • You can make payment in 3 different currencies. USD, RMB, and HKD. If you are in China, you can select RMB and if you are outside of China and Hong Kong, USD is the currency of choice.

  • In section 2, you can select the subscription duration (max of 3 years) and the number of Professional Accounts that you want to purchase. By default, the number of Pro. Account is one (1), which is your current QS FREE account. If you buy 2 Professional Accounts, you can get 10% discount. If you buy 3 or more accounts, 20% discount is applied. Please note that you can have a maximum of five (5) Professional Accounts.  Quick Sourcing QS is a solution we offer to SMEs as a very affordable solution. If you are an enterprise that needs more accounts and support services, please visit our corporate website for more information. 

  • You can enter a Promotion Code to get a further discount. Click here to find out how and where you can obtain Promotion Code. 

  • Once you confirm your Billing Address, you can proceed to payment. You can pay by the following methods: 
    • Credit Card
    • Alipay
    • Bank Transfer(for China and Hong Kong customers)

  • After your payment is processed, Account Information is upgraded immediately. Account Type has been changed Free Account to Profesional Account. A new Expiration Date is also set.  

  • To start building RFXs, click "My Home" at the top left-hand corner.